Immigration Attorney Fees

How do most immigration attorneys charge for their services?

Immigration lawyers usually charge fees for their services on a flat or fixed-fee basis; others charge only hourly rates.  Some may charge a combination of fixed and hourly rates depending on the circumstances.  There is often a wide fluctuation in the fees charged by an immigration attorney.  Several factors determine the appropriate fee, including the complexity of the case and the attorney’s experience and reputation.  The more difficult the case, the more time an attorney would have to spend on it and therefore a higher fee would be involved.  Another factor is the attorney’s experience and reputation in the field. One would expect to pay more for an attorney with twenty years of experience in the field rather than one with only two years of experience.

How does the Law Offices of David M. Kramer charge for immigration services?

The Law Offices of David M. Kramer prefers to charge flat fees for standard immigration cases such as a labor certification application or a petition for H-1B visa status.  The benefit of this fee structure informs the clients of the legal costs in advance of beginning a case so they can budget accordingly.

Our fees may vary depending on the difficulty and type of immigration case.  A fee range, i.e., the fees will not go beyond an agreed amount, is established for cases when additional time may be required due the complexity of the facts.  Our firm has years of experience and expertise in immigration law to ensure that your case is handled effectively and efficiently.

What is the difference between “fees” and “costs”?

Fees” are the amount you will pay for the professional time spent by the attorney and staff on your case.  In addition to the “fees” for professional services, you will be asked to pay for “costs.”  Costs include any filing fees charged by the USCIS and may include other items such as express mail, photocopying, long-distance charges, etc.  You may ask your attorney what is included with the quoted price and an estimate of the other expenses that are not included.


The Law Offices of David M. Kramer provides


Our Free Evaluation Covers:

  1. Careful review of the information you provide.
  2. Honest and objective assessment* of whether your case has a reasonable chance of success.
  3. An explanation of your options to achieve your immigration goals, including the relative advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  4. Clarification of USCIS costs and our fees to provide the professional services you need.
  5. A 20-minute interview with Mr. Kramer.

*Honest and objective assessment means that we do not exaggerate your chance of success or create a false sense of hope as a means of soliciting your business. If we determine that your case has no reasonable possibility of success, we will tell you that up front. Please keep in mind, however, that this does not mean that we will not help you if your case is “difficult.” In fact, our law firm is probably best known among our clients for solving difficult and complex immigration cases, especially in the area of achievement-based immigration.

Although uncommon, if during the free evaluation Mr. Kramer finds that the complexities of your case requires substantially more than the normal amount of time, he will inform you in advance if a consultation fee is required. The professional fees for cases are quoted on a flat rate basis and any consultation fee is applied to it. If you are interested in hiring the Law Offices of David M. Kramer to assist you with your case, we will send you a retainer agreement to sign.

To initiate your free case evaluation, please complete and submit the form on the ‘Schedule a Free Case Evaluation’ page and our office will promptly contact you for an evaluation with Mr. Kramer.