Bachelor Degree Professionals, Certain Healthcare, Skilled and Unskilled Workers E-31, E-32


There are three distinct groups in this preference category:

  1. The first is for professionals with bachelor’s degrees in the field of employment but not necessarily any experience.
  2. The second is for skilled workers, who are capable of performing a job that requires at least two years of experience.
  3. The third is for unskilled workers who are capable of performing jobs requiring less than two years of experience.

This is a catch-all category which provides immigration opportunities for all foreign nationals who have a permanent job-offer in the U.S. but who do not qualify under any of the other categories. This category requires a permanent job offer and a labor certification or the applicant must document that he or she qualifies for one of the shortage occupations identified by the Department of Labor in a list known as “Schedule A.” Included in these occupations are physical therapists and professional nurses.

All three groups require permanent full-time job offers.