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A free initial evaluation is available. Please fill out one of the following forms that pertain to your situation. You will be contacted promptly for either an in-person or telephone evaluation with Mr. Kramer.

  • SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE – Persons with Employment or Investment-Based cases should download, complete and email  ( this form to our office in addition to the Initial Evaluation form.
  • RESEARCHER QUESTIONNAIREScientists need only to download, complete and email ( this form to us for a free initial evaluation.
  • GENERAL INITIAL EVALUATIONEveryone excluding scientists. Please fill out the fields of the form and email ( this form to our office.

Although uncommon, if during the free evaluation Mr. Kramer finds that the complexities of your case requires substantially more than the normal amount of time, he will inform you in advance if a consultation fee is required. The professional fees for cases are quoted on a flat rate basis and any consultation fee is applied to it. If you are interested in hiring the Law Offices of David M. Kramer to assist you with your case, we will send you a retainer agreement to sign.

Remember that we can help you wherever you are in the U.S. or overseas.